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After the Storm: Full Moon In Sagittarius Playlist

May 28, 2018


I didn’t respond to that text.


And it felt like my biggest accomplishment of this year, to date. Yes, I also finished a Master’s Thesis this year. Yes, I’ve also navigated intense, personal tragedies, trekked knee-deep through the aftermaths traumas, yes, anxiety turned my heart (literally) into emergencies. But I think I FINALLY let go of whatever inside me would have formerly felt compelled, or hopeful, or maybe even bored enough to respond to that text. I didn’t do it.


Maybe you’re feeling similarly. About an email. About a co-worker’s negative energy suffocating your space. Or a phone call from a toxic family member you just couldn’t bring yourself to answer. You resisted the urge to give in to something you knew was not good for your soul. It was an emotional marathon. You did it. And now you have been reminded of your power, bb.


Channel that fire this week. Record every bad-ass thing you do, so you can remind yourself someday in case you forget. 


You are so much more powerful than you give yourself credit for, MoonQueen! Around this time last year, a friend gave me a lot of advice I wasn’t ready to hear. (As a Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon, I’m usually not ready to hear advice, EVER.)  About how I avoid processing by surrounding myself with others to "hear me out" during times when I really need to deal with the shit by myself. And how this lets me repress certain aspects of healing because as long as I’m talking about it (or joking about it! yikes.) I get to control which parts of my personal narrative I am ready to own.


Own your shit, yes. But process your shit first. Feel everything. Unpack it all. All of the ugly. The freakish. The stuff you don’t want to admit. Because all of it, even the worst parts, are part of what makes you real, and powerful, and star-stuff, and you.


I didn’t respond to that text. And that was a REALLY BIG first step in the warrior-princess direction. 


In the spirit of releasing, creating, and magic-making this Sagittarius full moon, I hope you can vibe out to this playlist, so some self-care, and get some much needed you-time. Let me know what you think! 


Moon Queen vii: AFTER THE STORM


Happy *almost* Full Moon<3

Sending you all the love.

-Mercury Mermaid


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